Mood FW 18/19


Reminiscing over a stolen kiss, a lucky coincidence, an unexpected surprise, a radiant smile. Life’s important snippets, emotionally charged, values and meanings blend with tiny everyday pleasures.
For Fall/Winter 2018/2019, we have tried to draw from the suggestive box of “lost moments” to create an exclusive collection of  “re-found instants”.

The “Melancholy” design takes shape, with its knitted and printed features that evoke the elegant lady from past times. “Denial” contrasts decisive and dark aspects with its fringed tips. “Contact” shows its personality through its punk winged appliqués. “Surprise” amazes us with its round holes. “Sharing” with its holes that connect to a tweed edge. “Connection” shows off the giant “K” print all over a shiny base. “Coffee Break” with strips of warm fur alternating with flashes of colour. “Kiss” too has a fur-coated body with bands of multicoloured lurex and an eccentric buckle.

Contrasts of styles: London’s 60s swing, full, puffy, cocooned, tech drifts, dark and sullen colours of the bikers and punks of the 80s, excess of colours from global worlds that break up the norms. At last, boreal landscapes with pure and delicate shades.

Kontessa presents a collection that rises from a complex, emotional, fascinating journey reborn in the sign of the times that speaks directly to the heart.